Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Skiing weekend

 Surprisingly Achim called friday late afternoon afternoon (I just came home from the groceries - bought some fruits and veggies and other things for the weekend) and told me to get my gears going on - he found a double room which is available for two nights.. I asked: Erm - why do you need a double room? If you remember we have rooms enough at home and they are available most of the time... Hub laughed and told me that he has booked the room for a skiing weekend in Serfaus (Austria). Jippeeee- as the weather forecast for Munich was not good (grey and cold and ugly) I immediately packed away all things I bought - went downstairs and grabbed everything what has to do with skiing and when hub arrived at home everything we need was packed and outside - waiting to be packed on the car...
We had a nice 2 1/2 hours drive - quiet streets and motorways and we arrived in Serfaus at 21.00 o clock.
On saturday we went to the ski slope at 10 in the morning - not croweded but "a few" peeps around - the weather was fantastic and the snow also - the slopes were a little icy and hard but handy. So we had a lovely day outside with lots of fun, sunshine and long ski runs..

Heee - yes thats me after a short break - waiting for hub to come outside again. For this pic I didn't wear my ski helmet - otherwise I would look like a russian soldier.....

 Sunday was a fantastic day too - we have been up to the hills at 09.30 o clock and had a great morning, as you can see there were some clouds on the way but the morning was fantastic - later in the afternoon it got cloudy there and we (as we are just so called "nice weather skiers" which is almost the same as a "wimp" - But I am proud of being a wimp - it protects me from running down the hills without seeing anything....
Later on we did a nice walk in the small town and thought it would be funny to do rent a sledge - said and done and we had the most funny "run down the hills" ever - Sometimes my sledge was soooo fast that I did overtake hub and he shouted - not so faaast not so faast - remember there are some turns. (I have to say this toboggan run was seperated from the ski slopes so there was no danger to bump into a skier.) I survived every turn and I think I haven't done that since I was a little child.

We drove home at 16.00 o clock and had a relaxed evening - right now I am a little "under pressure" because I have to pack my suitcase again - I will spend a few days with my parents and family and I have an appointment with an event planner. I will spend some time with my little niece which called me yesterday evening to told me that she cannot wait seeing me again and she thinks she can't sleep the next two nights because anticipation of seeing her aunt again ( Awww isn't that sweet???)
So we planned a "auntie - niece day" - which means we go to the toyshop and she gets a little pressie.