Freitag, 5. Februar 2010


Okay after being away for a week I am back here :). I left hubby and Munich last tuesday to spend a few days "at home" with my parents, sister, brother in law and niece. When my dad picked me up at the train station in Fulda everything was white - lots of snow. My dad later told me that my granny is doing not so good - she had to go to the hospital as the doc thought she's got a stroke. My granny is almost 94 years old and mostly I love her to bits. I spent my first 5 years with my grandparents and my parents as my parents lived and worked with my grandparents together (They run a bakery). So I think this is a special relationship and when my granddad died in 2008 I was very very sad as I had a special relationshop to him too. He was my "first friend" - he told me so much wise words and when I was a child I followed him wherever he went - like a shade....
So I was very alarmend and when I arrived in Schluechtern I went to the hospital to look after my granny. She laid there in her bed - so small - so little - that I burst out in tears. She didn't recognized me what made me more sad. Then the doc came and told us (my parents and me) that it doesn't look that bad but she needs time to recover.
I visited her every day and on friday she looked much more healthier than on tuesday - she talked to me and the doc said that she can go back to the nursing home the following week.
I had so much plans for the time in Schluechtern and all what I did was visiting my granny and went to the "Faschingssitzung" (carnival) on saturday evening. It was a very funny and nice evening after some sorrowful days and I really enjoyed the laughters. I met two girl friends and we had a really funny evening - lasts til 3.30 the other morning - but as my little niece stayed overnight at my parents' too I couldn't sleep late as she told my parents she "has to check if Kerstin came home that night" - this was at 08.00 the other morning. So she came in to my room - came in to my bed and we talked and chatted over half and hour (she's just 5 years old but you cannot imagine how this little wee ones can talk and ask and and and) and then we had a nice breakfast. As hubby couldn't pick me up in Schlüchtern (as planned) I had to go home to Munich by train again and I left Schluechtern at around 01.00 pm and arrived safe and sound in Munich around 05.00 pm. All in all it was a really nice "break" from the daily grind.
Back home in Munich I have to be back on my computer again - brought some work with me and the next 2 weeks I am "taped" in front of my pc as I have to scan 1000 s of pics and I have to do photobooks. 
The upcoming weekend we are at the "Ball des Sports" in Wiesbaden - we will meet some famous sportsman and -women and some other well known people as well - I have to wear a evening dress which I wear once a year ( I am not used in this). But its funny as you feel a little like the "high society" - even its just for a few hours.
Have a great weekend all - and don't forget - I am back here. More about the "Ball des Sports" next week.