Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Let the new year begin.......

.... so I am back!!!!!! Hopefully!!!!!!! I had one wish on new years eve - a little more time for myself and I found out that its not a thing that we can wish - its a thing we have to do for ourselves: TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF - nothing can be more important than taking time for yourself. If you need a rest - take it - if you need a nap - take it - if you are tired- go to bed.
To be honest I am in an age where you can see if you don't have enough time for yourself..... sadly but truely I found out that I am looking "older" these days and I won't complain and whine around - I know the reason for that: Leeeeessss sleeep and leeeeesss time for myself. So I want to change that! NOW! HERE!

Now I want to show you some photos - some photos which are "the reason" for myself looking older - the renovation of the other half of the house we bought. We had a new years party with 11 people and this is my new dining room:

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
And this is our new half of our living room....