Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Weekend in front ot the door....

...and hubby is not at home - awww. He's on the way to watch the final of the championsleague in Madrid - a so called business trip (LOL)  Bayern Munich against Inter Mailand. Poor man has to fly to Madrid and have to watch soccer - and all for business.....  Okay, honestly he said that he would love to stay with me or take me with him but last thing was not possible as no flight for me (okay I could have taken a plane to Frankfurt - then Brussels - then Madrid but I didn't want to sit in a plane for half a day when I could do it in 2,5 hours).
So I decided to stay here and will do some gardening (if the sun comes out) and some work for me because I am a little behind my time schedule. So some office work now then in the evening a bath with a glass of wine and an interesting book - then the remote controll of tv is for me all alone - yipeeee!!!!!! And then hush hush into bed..
Tomorrow - if - big if - if the weather is fine I have to mowe the lawn and then some gardening - later on maybe relaxing in my garden and in the evening watching that soccer final - fingers crossed for the Bavarians.

Yesterday I went shopping and after a few minutes I ran though the mall there was an announcement: "A little girl - probably 1 and a half years old - black short hair and dark skin is looking for his parents. Please pick her up at the information.
I remember when I was little this situation was my worst imagination - losing my parents in a shopping mall. Okay I made my way though all these shops and then the announcement came again after 10 mins. I thought if I would have "lost" my child I would have picked it up meantime. After 10 mins I heard that again and I thought I will have a look at the information. There a small girl sat on a womans hip and cried and cried (it wasnt her mother it was the woman who "found" her) and the whole girls body shaked. I was sooo sorry for her. I watched the scenery for more than 10 mins - no woman or man came and picked up the little one. As I had a friend with me yesterday I had to go but today when I went to the shopping mall again I asked at the information what happened to the girl and the lady told me it took more than 1,5 hours before she was picked up by her parents.... Please - what kind of parents are they? They must have known that the little one is afraid to bits. Its hard to say but some people don't deserve having a child.

Todays pic was taken when I came home from shopping  - so not something out of my inventory.... "freshly made" LOL.