Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Showing you my hometown Schlüchtern

For almost 22 years I am now living in Munich - I love Munich and since my teenage years I wanted to live there. Every summer when my parents, my sister and I packed our car for holidays and drove all the ways down to Austria or to (former) yugoslavia and we passed Munich I always said: One day I will live here.

And in 1988 I finally moved and not even one single minute I have regret this decision. Nevertheless I sometimes am "homesick" although Schlüchtern is not so far away from Munich - about 400 kms and a 3 hours drive (with no traffic jam).  But funny thing is all the things that bothered me when I in my young 20th I now love these things: For example - as my parents were running a bakery we were known in our small town and so everyone knows what the others were doing - our neighbour (an old man who didn't sleep very much in the nights and often sat on his window) told my father: Kerstin came home at 02.00 at night - do you know that? She stood in front of the door for more than half an hour - I don't know the boy she was hugging... LOL - what other entertainment should an old man have????
When I walked in town most of the people knew my face and asked: Hey Kerstin, why not at school - not helping in the bakery or in the bakers shop... bla bla bla....
Nowadays I am sooo happy when I meet people who recognize me, my face and my name - time changes.

So now here are a few pictures of my beloved hometown Schlüchtern - about 35 km away from Lauterbach :)

Rain in May...

...wash your worries away
take a dose take off your clothes
feel the soft warm spray of the rain in May 

LOL - I cant feel a soft warm spray - I feel a cold shower when going outside...
Yesterday I found some ideas to create own frames for my pictures and I tried to create them.
Today I show the "easy ones" - hope the more difficult ones I can show tomorrow..

I remember that song from the early 80th - performed by Max Werner - think this is/was a "one hit wonder". I loved it that time but I hate it now because it definately doesn't wash my worries away - I am worried about that rainy weather - but this shouldn't become a weather blog so changing the point.

 This pic was taken at the beautiful beach of Marahau in New Zealand - we had such a nice time there. Hub asked a few days ago where I would love to spend our November holiday. I have to say that I normally enjoy my holidays but when it comes to an end I am happy to go home again because I love to be at home. First holiday end where I sat in the plane and cried as sad its over was in Canada in 2005 - then when we flew home from Christchurch I cried half an hour - I was sooo sad - I loved the landscape, the people, the nature - I loved everything and I wish I could return - maybe....