Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

team up thursday - week 15 - self portrait

Hello - here we go again with a new theme on our team up thursday - self portrait. This time I chose the theme.
I have to say I normally don't like seeing me on/in photos - I don't know why but I always have something to moan. So this was not easy for me but the challenge for me was to chose one of only 3 photos I did of myself.
I didn't want to take 100 photos in line and then choosing the nicest one - no I thought " I am how I am" yesterday after a 3,5 hours drive on the Autobahn and I've unpacked my suitcase and put away all the things I normally have with me when at home by my parents I took my cam and went in front of the mirror in our bathroom and here we are:

"This is Marcelle"  - and I love this photo - the lightning is just perfect - the background with lots of photos of her and her family makes this photo special regarding the theme - self portrait - in a way she shows herself with not just a photo of her - with showing how important her family is to her and you not just get a "face to a name" - no you see a lot more. WELL DONE PARTNER - THINK YOU DID A PERFECT JOB AGAIN THIS WEEK

I had to grin again when I got Marcelles photo - look both of us with the camera on the photo - both of us the cam on the right hand side (seeing the photo) and see our upper hand - LOL