Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

Snow again :)


No - right now outside it doesn't look like the photo above - that was taken weeks ago - but snow is back here in Munich. Not that I don't love winter and snow but we had a lot these days. I do not whine around because in the north and east of Germany there is much more snow and ice.

Since weeks I am really good in leaving my bed in the morning - lol. Especially in the winter time for me its always hard to leave the warm bed and to go up because its dark and cold outside - but I have a new "friend" on my side who cannot do something against the cold outside but agains the darkness: 

For christmas I got an amazing new alarm clock from Achim. The special thing is that it simulates the sunrise - that means if you set your alarm for 07.00 o clock at 06.30 a dimly light appears and with every minute it gets brighter - after half an hour it shines normal. After its final brightness you can decide if you would like to listen to music, to singing birds or to a wind chime. First time decided to listen to singing birds - right now in the morning I am listening to wind chimes. For what ever reasons I found out that my awakening is quite a better one - I don't know why but I feel much more energy in the morning - I am in a better mood and its less hard for me to leave the bed because I feel well-rested and in a kind of "feng shui mood" - lol. But if it makes me feel better - why not???

Before I got that alarm clock I had a normal one and I woke up with the radio - sometimes quite nice music - sometimes I got sooo aggressive when I listen to "aggresive music" . Okay I miss my morning news - normally I was informed what happened during the night or whatever but as I listen to the radio most of the day I will be informed whats going on - although its an hour later.

Today I am going to see a friend of mine - very nice alternative to my normal daily grind. Sometimes I miss my co-workers. It was always nice to enter the office and have a little "chit-chat about whatever..." (Sue - thats for you :) ) and now when I am not out for a photoshooting I am sitting and working all alone in my office. Sometimes its nice because you can do whatever you want - but sometimes I need a tip or an idea...