Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

TUT - team up thursday / Snwo

Happy happy snowbunny here who announces that there is TUT -time again. My friend and partner Marcelle and I decided to join the fun again and this weeks theme is: snow!

Marcelle did chose to take a close up - which I really love because you can see the structure of the snow and the colour is amazing - its white with a touch of rose. Really impressed by the idea to shoot a snow close up - I never would have thought about it.
Mine is taken (I am honest) two weeks ago while I was skiing in the Dolomites. They had lots and lots of snow there and I really love the landscape when covered in white.
So - this is our first TUT for more than 2 years (I think) and I am really looking forward to get my gears on and think about themes and ideas to shoot.
Thanks Marcelle for joining the fun with me again -