Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Max's surgery cancelled.....

Yesterday I had a so called "not so good" day - woke up totally blown away and did myself hard to get up.
 Went downstairs to the little wee ones who are always happy to see me in the mornings - means a 20 min walk and after that "breakkie"...

So after our morning walk and having breakfast I decided to cancel my piano lesson as I did not very much last week and I wanted to spend some more time with Max as he was planned to have his surgery tuesday morning. So we spent a lot of time together - did some games and worked a little in education - both Max and Ben did well and when I went upstairs again Max started to whine around.....So I went down again - spent more time with both and later we had a nice afternoon in our garden - we had temperatures around 15 degeess yesterday and there was spring in the air. Did a walk around 4.30 for 40 mins and the "boys" came home tired.

When hub came home he did another walk with the dogs and I prepared meal for them the phone rang - the vet from the animals hospital called and told me that he's got sick - flu - and he told me that he wouldn't do such a surgery (which lasts around 3,5 hours) when being sick and feeling bad. First I was a little sad because I  was "prepared" for everything and thought the faster everything is done the better for all of us. But after thinking a few minutes I decided to see it as a good sign as Max now has a few days more to feel home again here. They have been in a "dog hotel" from saturday to sunday as hub an I were away. So he doesn' t have to go away again. 
Right now I got a call from the vet's secretary telling me Max will have his surgery on friday - great - as now I am not "alone" when poor little thing comes back home on saturday. Hub will be there too and help me.