Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2010

team up thursday - week 4

...for Marcelle and me. I have to say I am addicted to that - every thursday morning (sometimes wednesday evening) I take a look around at my photographer friends' blogs and every time I am blown away about their themes and their photos. I think there is soo much for me to lean and (as Marcelle once said) to think "out of the box".

This weeks theme is chosen by Marcelle and its: looking up or looking above - and again its funny to see how we both "saw" the theme and interpreted that.

 My first thought was looking into the sky and finding some nice clouds (here in Munich we don't have had nice clouds for more than 4 weeks now - always mixed up in grey - sometimes dark grey...) - and after being unable to take a nice shot of the sky I checked my foldes and found this:

This photo was taken two years ago - I can remember exactly as my "BA"d  friend Helen has been in Munich for two days (explaining "BA"d friend = friends of the Bryan Adams Fan family) and we were walking around the "Walk of  fame at the Olympic Park in Munich" - Bryan "left" his hands there in red sand....
I wasn't sure about my chosen photo - I have another in my mind but once you choose one I think thats the right one. Maybe we have a similar theme next time and I can show the other one then.
 Again - can you see Marcelles talent for those photos - I am blown away of her "finding exactly the right second"  - amazing. How she came to this photo you can read on her blog - I think most who read my blog are allowed to read hers (she set her blog on "private"). And isn't it fantastic to have such really beautiful models around? Awwww - brilliant

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