Dienstag, 1. März 2011

What a lovely morning .....

I woke up to a beautiful morning - sun out - freezing cold but if you wear the right jacket its no problem. I had a lovely weekend with my family around. Friday evening I got picked up at the train station in Fulda by my dad and as we chatted he told me that there would be a little surprise - then I recognized my little niece and my mum.... Hello -what a fun. Little niece was afraid that my train wouldn't be on time as we had some problems on friday. So she wanted to be sure not being in bed when I arrive. LOLOLOL....

We drove home and then my niece decided to sleep over by grandmum and granddad and aunt. So next morning I got "visited" at 7-30 in the morning as Ann-Sophie told me "I was sooooo excited that you are back here in Schlüchtern, I couldn't sleep much longer" Bless her!!!!!!!! I visited my grandmum at the nursery home and later we had that "carnival event" .About 400 people attended that second carnival event and the crowd was in a fantastic mood. I nearly died of laughing by some really fantastic protagonists.... I had a great evening and even it was just for two days I really enjoyed my days at home again. 

Today I have lots to do - a few minutes ago I jumped into my car - battery flat!!! So it seems I won't get everything done. Right now I am waiting for "heeeellllppp"- should arrive within the next 60 mins... Fingers crossed.

For all who are interested in Max: He is almost the "old" again - no - better - he is soooo active and runs around - jumps around (even he shouldn't). I am soo happy that it seems this surgery was the best thing we could do for him. I had doubts about it but it seems he is almost painfree (and this the first time in his life - thats what the vet is saying and thinking).

Have a great day everybody - and don't forget - I will be lurking around on your blogs :)