Montag, 29. März 2010

Ha Ha....

....said the clown as the king lost his crown...

Last year the week before easter Achim and I did a daytrip to Austria and I "found" the wood carving above. Looks funny, doesn't it?
Wow - another weekend over (and I am happy that it is over - way too much eating and drinking).
Friday evening our neighbours came to say goodbye as they were going to have a week off - unfortunately Achim asked them if they would stay for a bottle of south african red wine and they did - we "killed" two bottles :(
Saturday we went to some garden centers and in the evening we were invited by friends for dinner - cheese and red wine (again) but as I had to drive I didn't had that much.
Yesterday we were invited by a friend of mine and she, Achim and I had some glasses of Prosecco - too much alcohol the last three days and I think I won't have something til ..... let's see.

This morning (after some problems of going up) I was very busy - did some accounting (I have a new programm and now I really love to do the accounting - my former programm was such a crap - it doesn't work as it should and if you call the support they don't give you support at all). Now with the new one it's really easy and I am happy with that.
Sometimes I am wondering how people "think". I did a photoshooting a few weeks ago - I took some photos, some of them had to be edited, I burned all images on a dvd and sent them (with my invocie) via mail. Normally the bills are paid within 14 days - I've waited 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks and then I sent an email asking if they received their pics. "Yes" was the answer - "thank you very much - great job". I knew exactly that I put the invoice in the envelope - pics arrived but no invoice? After six weeks I sent another invoice - I've waited 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks - nothing. I sent a third invoice last week and got an email today which said why I sent three invoices within 8 weeks - they will pay the next days!!!! Erm - the next days? When will that be exactly? Strange!!!!

Sun is out again - love my garden and the first tulips coming out. Will go outside for my "run" - think a 10 km run is the right thing today...... and off I am