Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010


I need the spring - so I checked my pics and found this lovely pic. I did that two years ago when I got my new cam and did some "test shots". Nothing is edited in that pic (except the frame). It was such a great light- sun came though the window and I was very close to the tulip. I love this pic and I think I will print it out as a really big picture. Although it has some black I think has nice colours.
We had a great weekend - had been invited to the "Ball des Sports" in Wiesbaden. It's really interesting there because you meet some famous sportsmen and -women and also some well known people, actors and actress and politicans. 
Bad thing after those weekends is coming home and seeing the weight - even you be very very careful about what you eat and drink you (maybe you can but not me) can't avoid to drink one or two glasses of champagne too much... Imagine the event starts at 16.30 o clock with a "get together" and a glass of champagne - Ball des Sports starts at 18.00 o clock with a glass of champagne - some Mon Cherie and Rocher and a very very special kind of ginger bread - a 4 course meal and later on there's party time with lots of bars all over. And you can't go home at midnight - the last years we went to bed at 04.30 o clock in the morning... Long talk -  short result: 700 gramms more over the weekend and that makes me really upset. That means I have to "work" a whole week to lose that weight again. How can 700 gramms come over night and need a whole week to disappear? That's quite unfair.
Yesterday I was very annoyed. Our dryer gave up its life the week before and we bought a new one - should be delivered yesterday. I had to rearrange two meetings and I was told the dryer should be "arrive" at noon - I waited - and waited - waited and waited again - called to ask what's the problem and when the delivery would be (in the meantime it was 3 o clock in the afternoon.) Got the answer that the dryer should be delivered the next 15 mins... What can I tell you? The dryer isn't delivered yet. Got the answer today between 10 and 12 o clock.... Poor guys - wear warm jackets - you will hear a lot from me.
Today outside it is very cold again - snow is almost gone and its grey and uncomfortable. I have to do some scan work today (around 500 pics need to be scanned and edited). So I am busy and don't care about the weather. Listening to some nice music and checking some blogs and websites and (of course) doing my work. Have a photoshooting late evening and hope to do some great shots.