Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Lazy sunday and monday - so no entry - but here we are again....

Sunday and monday were such beautiful days - I nearly had forgotten how lovely spring can be. We had two awesome days with lots of sunshine and nice temperatures - around 25 degrees. Hub came home from the final of the championselage on Sunday around 01.00 pm and we decided to have a bbq in the afternoon as the weather forecast said in the evening there could be some rain showers close to the Alpes. But no rain in sight and we enjoyed a whole day outstide.
Monday the weather again was sunny and no clouds in the sky - we had breakfast outside (for the first time this year - no thats not true - we had it already in Turkey in April - but here at home it was the first time). Then later we did some gardening and in the afternoon we had a cup of coffee with our neighbours and then we did a long walk around the area - was soooo nice it was warm enough to wear a summer dress. Later in the evening we had a bbq again and some asparagus (I love it) and we went inside at 9 pm.

On saturday I ran 10 kms and I felt great - sunday I only ran 5 km - but felt also great. So monday run was cancelled due to the fact being lazy and enjoying the garden and today I have to do my 10 km run again - have a new route and love it. So nothing really interesting happened the last days - just relaxed days and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

On friday I have an official photoshooting again in the evening  - so far my "business" runs good this year. In June I have to fly to Duesseldorf for a photoshooting and I will do some photoshootings with my friends and their children. I had to take a lot of courage to tell them I won't do that for free - I am a "photographer" and this is my business and I have to be paid for that. Once a acquaintance asked me to do a photoshooting for her and asked for a "special friendship cost". I told her that I have no special friendship costs - she can inform herself about my prices on my homepage and if this is okay for her I'll do the shooting - if not - she can choose another photographer. (I have to say my fees are much lower than the fees of others - I have a problem to match my fees with theirs as I have no education in photography - all my knowlede comes from practicing and reading 100's of books). I always wonder how people think they can ask me for doing my job without being paid. I also have costs - I have drive to them - I am there and I work with them for hours and hours - I have to drive home again - I have to edit some photos - I have to burn it on a dvd or cd or whatever... and I am busy for a whole day and then for free??? I once asked a friend if she would do her work in the office for free and she immediately said no - so I won't do that either I replied. Big eyes in her face - aha if you turn the situation upside down - they see it with different eyes.