Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

old photos.....

Right now I have really great ideas in my mind - for example to scan all my paper photos of my childhood and to make a photobook for me... So I cannot imagine that those photos are almost 46 years old! Phewwwww!

Next thing I want to do is a "travel diary" - means printing a book (out of a blog) with the most interesting, mind blowing trips I've ever done. But therefore I will start with the time I had my first digital camera - (my thought at moment - otherwise I have to scan more then 5000 photos and it will take me years).
That means I will write a "travel diary blog" (I've started already - BUUUUUUT - as it is mostly for myself I started to write in German language - why should the book be printed in English language when I (almost) can speak and write perfectly German.....
- So with the time you can read (if you can understand the german language) or at least you can see photos of my travels to:

 - London in May 2004
 - Canada in July/August 2005
 - Australia in Nov/Dec. 2006
 - New Zealand in Nov/Dec 2007
 - South Africa in November 2008
 - South America in Nov/Dec 2009
 - maybe some photos of my short trio to Turkey in April 2010

You see - mind- wise I am totally back on track and full of ideas - hope I can do it like I really want to do.