Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

My days are filled with being a "mommy" to Max and Ben

How life can change in a second - how life can change when you decide to give two gorgeous puppies a new home.
Believe me or not - I have no more time for myself - i am busy like hell with the new family members - looking for them - give them their meals - entertain them - play with them - walking them - cleaning the floors because of little mishaps :)  - trying to get the doggies to sleep....
I think it takes time to get a routine for my days now and right now Ben and Max need a lot of time and love - away from mum and dad - away from common places - away from lordling and mistress - new mistress and lordling - new home....
Right now they are downstairs and asleep - yipeeeh - after playing in the garden for an hour - and it will give me an hour to do my things I have to do - and the first thing is doing an entry here.

Here are some photos of the "little wee ones"