Freitag, 28. Mai 2010

I started a study....

 in photography - I know you can't "study" photography but I never had any education in photography and all that what I know about photography is what I read in books  - my favourite author and photographer is Scott Kelby - he's the most amazing author I've ever read. Sometimes I have to laugh out and that's the way I want tp learn.
Nevertheless as I do "official photo shootings" (I am paid for them) I thought I have to do a little more so I decided to do a study - my first homework booklets arrived and now I have to sit and to read and to answer all these questions. 
First booklets questions are:
- Descibe your camera and the pro and con....Have to check about the con's. (one thing is : they can do sooo
  many things I never use/used - so many features I thought I never need - maybe I need them  now)Mine are
  a Nikon D70; D300;  D5000   - yes - I am Nikon addicted. So I will descirbe....
- Send some of  your best and personal important photos (Should I tell them that I have about 58.000 photos
  since I started digital photography - I have noooooooo clue which are my best.... (Thats a new "project" I
  have to work on - I have to check all my folders and files and have to delete all photos which failed. I will do
  that - there is too much "rubbish" which takes memory capacity)
- Describe with few words which photos comes to your mind that got famous because of mediums.
  First what came up to my mind is the "dust woman" - the woman who survived the collapse of the twin
  towers  back in September 2001 - that comes to my mind as Achim and I were in New york when the
  attack  happened - our honeymoon, and on Monday Sept 10th we have been at the "top of the world" and
  had this   fantastic overview - stood there for more than an hour and I took photos - some of the last ones
  which were   taken from above... Bought a ticket that allowed us to come back next evening - bummer the
  towers weren' t there anymore but thats another story I will post up here on September 11th this year)
- Send a self portrait..... omg those I did look awful - okay but I will send  - they want it - they get it.

Last time I dawdled around in the city center I had my camera with me and the people looked sooo angry (me too as it was raining again - 4 weeks in a row - thats  a reason to look angry) and as I saw no nice faces I thought I will take some photos of the "people" in the shop window. I took my first pic and seconds later a securtity man came out and asked what I am doin there - photography I replied - I have to ask he told me.... Okay I went into the shop and asked for the manager - told him my request and he smiled and told me yes of course I can go on with my photography - but I'm not allowed to sell the pics - promised I will not and went along.
I promised not to sell the photos - I didn't promise not to show.....