Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Just searched for a special photo....

....which I didn't find yet - I think I have to overthink my name folders, my named pics and...... I think I have to re-organize my whole photo folders and system....

Nevertheless I stumbled over this pics I "created" years ago - no idea which editing program I used (maybe Ulead)

The culprit

What an commotion yesterday - phewwww!!!!!
Above you see neighbours cat - the culprit. Yesterday afternoon I went to the buyback centre to leave some cardboard boxes there. When I came back and got out of my car my neighbours daughter told me with excitement that our alarm advice went on... OMG - burglars in my home??? During the day? - yes - most of the break-ins are happening during the day. My neighbour came out and told me the same - alarm was ringing, next neighbour came out - told me alarm was ringing and I thought I have to take a look. I sneaked around the house and checked if any windows were broken - nothing - told myself not to be a coward as my neighbours were around me and then I told one of my neighbours: Ah Manuela, maybe on of your cat is caged in my house - She replied "No - both are sitting at home" - Okay I opened the door and yelled a loud "Hello - somebody in whose not allowed?" (Laughters in my back) and who came out really shocked and looking guilty? My neighbours cat!!!! OMG my neighbour went very red in her face as I told her: "Manuela - there must be a different cat sitting in your house - THIS IS YOURS....
In that second two police cars came around - omg - I started to grin and went to them - told them what happened and they suddenly began to grin too and we had to fill out a few papers and then I had to call the security to tell them that everything is okay and why the alarm went on.

What happened? When I took the cardboards out of the house one fell off - I put the others in my car and came back to snap the one who was left there (meanwhile I put the boxes in my car the cat must have sneaked into my house and then I closed the door and I kept her closed).

Now hub and I have discussed about the costs for the police and the security (will be around 150 Euro) and hub thinks it should be assumed by the neighbours or at least half/half..... I think its not possible for me to check every now and then if there is a cat in my house - they climb over the fences and are in our garden 3 times a day - normally no problem. But now?  What do you think?