Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Do you recognize HER? - Lady Di

Do you remember her? I am sure you do! Even I am not from the UK I did adore her! I remember her wedding (I watched it on tv and loved her from the beginning) and I remember the announcement of her death. This time (August 1997) I spent two weeks in Greece with my girl friend Bettina and on sunday morning we both called home to our parents. I remember my mums voice when she answered the phone and I enthuastically told her how I love my holidays (first holidays after the break of a long term relationship with my former boy friend). Her voice was like she was sick. I first talked and talked and talked and then recognized that she wasn't interested like she normally is - so I asked her what's going on. She replied and asked if I haven't heard about it--NO - and then she told me that Diana is dead. I remember that I squeezed my brain which "Diana" - all my family members ran through my brain but I couldn't remember any Diana in my family. Then I asked - which Diana? And she said: The Princess of Wales. I couldn't trust my ears - tried to get attention from my girl friend Bettina whose also talked to her parents- I saw her eyes wide open and knew that she got the same information. 
The next days we got some more information via newspaper and I was really shocked how a "famous" can be "hunted". There a several thoughts about the death of Diana - starting with the idea that Charles hired a "killer" ...... For me it was just an accident which could have been avoided. 
There were some "movies" shown in the german tv about the life of Diana - if just 10 per cent were the truth then I still think: Poor Diana - and you really "lived your life like a candle in the wind"....
RIP Lady Di

I took the photo above back in 2007 when we spent a few days at "Cote d'Azur" - there was a huge poster there in our hotel (saying that Lady Di spent a few days there)...