Mittwoch, 7. September 2011

Trying to sort my thoughts - not to focus on tomorrow....... I am really feeling blue thinking about Max' second surgery. Even the first went well there is no guarantee the second will end well too. Thank god poor Max don't know whats going on tomorrow and I know that I will sit at home restless and wait for the doctors call. Ben will be very very lonesome and will search for Max the whole day- last time I think he cried a little...
But - Ben and me - we are a running team now - as he is such a fast runner I decided to take him with me for a run - on sunday we did 1,5 kms without stopping (great for the little one) - monday the same and yesterday we did 2 kms. Good thing is he is tired then - but its soo funny during the run he is always in front of me and looks like he is saying: Faster - mum - faster :)

Not off to spend the whole day with Max and Ben - then going shopping and looking forward to get big big bones to chew for Max (and Ben of course), carrots and lots of things to play with. My mum will be with me from Monday til Friday as Achim is on a business trip for 2 weeks - will be home for the weekend but then away again. So I won't be all alone with poor Max and little Ben. On Friday I am doing a photoshooting again (Friday evening til Saturday early morning) and on Sept. 28th I am doing a wedding photoshooting again - all excited as I didn't do that for a long time.