Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Max ist back home again....

....collected him on Saturday afternoon - arrived at the animal hospital and had to wait for an hour as there was a huge operation which was not planned.... then the doc came around and Max in front - he saw us and wanted to run and to jump which is not the best idea at the moment. Doc told us that they never had such an active dog after such an operation. Right after the operation when starting to awake again he tried to jump up to "greet" the doc: "Hey boss, I am still alive".
So we went home and Ben did a welcome dance for Max - he jumped around like a jojo and couldn't calm down. We had to seperate them and after two hours both  cooled down and we could let them be together again. Ben cannot understand why Max cannot jump around like he used to do that before. But he is nice to his brother and even brought him a "bone".
NIght was short as Max whined a little - think poor boy couldn't sleep and every now and then changed his position. From 2 o clock to 6 o clock he did sleep deep (and snorred - a good sound for me this time) and fell asleep only in "mum"s arms again (my knees now are double the size they normally are- lol) for another hour. So we three got up at seven - "dad" is still in bed - boys are in their beds now again and "mum" is doing her blog entry ; /
Photos will follow later....
I am sooooo happy my "big boy" is back home - was in such a worry and sorrow - you all know what can happen during an operation (and unfortunately yesterday I had to listen to a story where a dog didn't survive a surgery which was not a special one - but positive thinking as I am always are I "knew" my boy will do well.