Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

team up thursday - week 6

Unbelievable - we are at week 6 with our team up thursday photos....

This weeks theme is chosen by Marcelle and it is:
10 mins from home....

Honestly first time I heard about that I was a little overcharged - as the weeks before we had very simpe themes like yellow, cubes, sports ...... and for me this was a little "out of the box" as Marcelle sometimes say. So when we talked on the phone Marcelle told me that we have to walk exactly 10 minutes from our door and then we have to take a photo. My first thought my photo would be all green as I am living on the outskirts of Munich and there is a lot of  trees and green around. My oh my  - I never thought that the day I will take the photo it is aaaalllll grey in grey instead of green. I took my photo yesterday and since I opened my eyes  in the morning was raining cats and dogs. I hoped for a ray of sunshine or at least 10 minutes without rain but noooo chance. So I walked around with my umbrella and my cam around my neck and walked my usual route which I "normally" run  - I say normally because I didn't do that run for more than 10 days. And normally after 5 minutes I turn to the left and run this way as it is nicer and in the forest and today I walked straight on and came to that "grit factory" - I knew that it is there but never thought about taking a photo of that. But today I thought - why not - and so I did. But when I came home and checked the photo I found it all grey in grey - sky grey - factory grey  - street grey and I HATE grey these days so I decided to "play a little with the color". So now it looks a little little "warmer" but still ... hmmmmm.... not my best shot but these are also not my best days as it is beginning to bother me a lot - this ugly weather here in Munich.

I love Marcelles photo as  it has lots of colors in it and I love that thing in front of the hose - although I don't know what it is - is it a light bulb? Anyway I like it because of the colors and the style - very modern and stylish. 

With this weeks photo Marcelle again shows that she is walking around very considerate and open minded regarding our theme. I cannot tell enough how I love this "project" -  let me see the world and everything around with different eyes - it opens my mind and my thoughts, my imagination and my fantasy. And again I want to say thank you to Marcelle for being my partner here and for all the ideas and thought-provoking- impulses and not least the great and interesting chats we had and hopefully have in the future.

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