Dienstag, 16. März 2010

Long time no blogging....

OMG I haven't blogged for more than a month and that came due to the fact that I was (and still am) very busy - I have/had a few photoshootings to do and then a week "abroad" - visited my family and we had a nice family party (sis turned 40 and that is a reason to have a party) then I was ill for a whole week and couldn't leave my bed - fever, running nose, headache and cought  - the whole mixture. After that my parents came to visit us for 3 days which was great - I love having them here in my house.
Then we did a week skiing in the Dolomites - although we thought we had snow and low temperatures enought for this year. But holidays were booked and in the end it was a fantastic and awesome week with lots of snow, lots of fun, low low temperatures and sometimes a real cold wind which blew strong. But we've met a nice couple from Berlin and did 3 days skiing together. They were happy about our knowledge about the slopes there in South Tyrolia and we all had nice evenings with pizza and pasta and good red wine. (Sometimes a little "Willi" - a special "Schnaps").
Back in good old germany I couldn't trust my eyes that there was still snow everywhere - we have had the first sign of spring 10 days ago but it seems winter came back again. Today we were told that it is the very very very last sign of winter and from tomorrow on it should be spring - lets wait and see.
Below there are some nice shots from the beautiful white landscape of the Dolomites and the "Grödnertal"