Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

What a weekend - and its almost over

.... shewww - again its sunday evening and I ask myself where the time has gone. I had a really tough weekend.
 Friday I left house at 06.00 pm in the evening on my way to the venue of the photoshooting I was aked to do. Arrived at 06.30 pm and immediately had my camera in front of my eyes and started to take photos. At 08.00 am I was asked by Karen (she is the one who hired me for this job) to come backstage to "Ich + Ich" to take some photos with Adel Tawil (the singer of the band) and her and her boss..... No question I was with her.
We were introduced to Adel and talked very nice with him - a very nice and handsome man - no allures - really normal and then we took some photos backstage.

At 09.00 pm he started to sing with his band and I took some photos - was a good concert and about 60 mins - he sang all his well known songs and some of the new album I didn't heard before.

Here we have two of my favrourite songs: Take a "click" and take a "listen".....

will post more about my weekend tomorrow...