Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Healthy living and eating :)

As there are more "english speaking" people around here I am not going to do my update in German until I find out there are some "readers" here ...
After hating my body for the last few years yesterday I decided to "make peace" with it - inspired from two other women who "washed my brain" a little. The first - who is a close friend to me - talked to me for ages and told me what I am doing wrong. The other one - by reading her her blog I found the "mistake" I made so long. And I found out: Accept yourself then your body will accept you... Bingo.
Therefore I promised my body not to bother him with not giving him the food which he needs or with eating too less. Went to the grocery and bought lots of fresh veggies, fruits, fish, noodles and lots more. And now we both are going to be a "team" again - ran on the threadmill for 6 kilometers without any problems and lost 300 gramms over night! And I have eaten a lot yesterday.
This morning I went to the dentist (nothing happened - just a check up) and as it was early in the morning the city center was soooo quiet. I love the city when it' s crowded but for doing some shopping I loved it quiet that morning. No queues - not that much people, shops almost empty.... and "bang" - I found a
pair of shoes - winter boots. (After being told last week that " we don't have any winter boots right now" - aha - When do they have winter boots? In summer?)
Today is my house cleaning day - not that I love it that much but no one else there who could do that for me. But inspired and in a quite good mood as I am I think it will be done very easily.
I am really looking forward for the weekend - if the weather is okay me and hub will go for skiing on sunday. Haven't done skiing since last March a snowboarder crashed into me and the result of 2 broken ribs and a conclusion (me). But as I recognized it wasn't my fault at all I am not afraid doing skiing again.


  1. How yummy and fresh are those vegetables in the them, I can eat them everyday with ease.

    Am so pleased you are in a good space and motivated to be kind to your body and feed it all the healthy important.

    I bought my boots the beginning of winter and now see they all on sale...want to buy sister a pair and take it back with me to SA as they so much cheaper now.

  2. WOW...very happy to hear that you are feelin' good about yourself, that really makes life work. I too enjoy shoppin' when the stores are empty, gives me time to mull over if I really need things or it I just want 'em, lol. No boots in winter? I believe that! Same thing here, swimsuits are the same way. By Aug. they have them put away and winter stuff out. I guess it's the same no matter where ya live in the world, LOL.
    Glad to hear you're gonna attack the snow again but please be careful, or rather watch out for the others who are not so careful! Have fun girl!